Hvit mann proklamerer «I understand white people» i mangfoldig strøk. Kunst eller propaganda?


The Intelligence Party is going to change the European constitution. Intelligenspartiet is an old Norwegian party and an important part of Norway’s political and cultural heritage, so first we will change the Norwegian constitution and show the way for the rest of Europe.

Europe is changing. We need a new approach, we need to do things differently and not be passive. All identitarians unite. Become a part of the solution.
We need to improve the voting system in Europe so that everyone who is counted in the electoral process can participate.
The original Intelligence Party from the 1830’s was headed by the poet J.S. Welhaven. His adversary was the poet H. Wergeland who headed The Patriots. These were the progenitors to Norway’s two first parliamentary parties, Intelligenspartiet became Høyre (The Right) and Patriotene became Venstre (The Left), still in government today.
The two poets conducted a cultural political battle about the future of the Norwegian culture; do we need nationalist protectionism or do we need internationalist adjustments?
These questions have once again become the focus of European political elections.



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