Russebuss to Brussels

Photo Didier Muya4

The Intelligence party showed up in Brussels for the EU election. This was a precursor to the coming campaign in Oslo in September 2019. Information will be updated here:    

The Intelligence Party


  “With Lars Cuzner’s project “The Intelligence Party”, 2018, they finally arrived at the topicality, because Lars Cuzner has set up a fictional party here with which he moves in Graz as if he were on an election campaign tour. Tirelessly, the committed artist introduces the program of his “Intelligence Party”, a party that on […]



We are going to vote illegally. We are going to create new statistics. We are going to change the narrative in the coming elections. Who can vote illegally? Non-citizens Under voting age Non-EU member countries The original Intelligence Party from the 1830’s was headed by the poet J.S. Welhaven. His adversary was the poet H. […]

European Attraction Limited Tours


Cassius Fadlabi & Lars Cuzner, European Attraction Limited tours, 2017. Couresty: Artists and LE Cap-Centre d’arts plastiques de Saint-Fons Press text    

Milk Pipeline

Tine Frya OEC-gruppen

2017 An oil pipeline transporting milk from Norway to Russia.

The National Center for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod

European Attraction Limited


2014 – Public Art Norway, KORO

Relax, Hell Is a Pretty Chill Place

Christians Kicking Muslims Out Of Europe in 1099

2016, Lisbon


Installed in gallery

2013 – One Night Only Gallery

Forensics of Attraction

Face in hole photo op - village entrance

2013 – Bergen Assembly

Christian Sleep Over


2013 – 0047

The Conference


2013 – Oslo’s Militære Samfund

From What You Can’t Protect Yourself


2012 – Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

Sol LeWitt n’ shit

Installation reference

2012 – The Brucennial

Broadcast through a Brother

Lars Cuzner

2011 – Based in berlin

Recurring Individual Conversations

In the gallery

2010-2011 – UKS

Bed Bug Formication


2011 ATCE

Waste your time. It’s over.


2000 – Vancouver